Accessible gulf

From July-December 2014, six Roundtables gathered information and reported back to the Stakeholder Working Group (SWG).

The Accessible Gulf Roundtable aimed to balance access and protection in the Gulf by:

  • identifying opportunities to retain and enhance ‘the commons’ for recreation activities and a gulf experience,
  • enjoyment of significant places and sites, heritage and culture, conservation activities, and sustaining ‘an island and coastal way of life’
  • minimising barriers to a gulf experience: affordability and physical access, exclusive uses, landowner restrictions, anchorages and navigation, walls and other structures, and facilities for access
  • ensuring viable commercial and economic uses and services
  • reducing the impact of increasing human activity through exposure to the Gulf, understanding and education.

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SWG members Alison Henry and Jake Bartrom (co-chairs), Alan Proctor, Lauri Beamish and Joe Davis were members of the Accessible Gulf Roundtable, along with other invited participants with knowledge and expertise in education, island communities, Pacific and newcomer communities, tourism, historical knowledge, island access, iwi interests, recreational clubs and ferry operators.

Alison Henry Roundtable co-chair/SWG
Jake Bartrom Roundtable co-chair/SWG/aquaculture and fishing
Alan Proctor SWG
Laurie Beamish SWG
Joe Davis SWG
Bob Upchurch Education
Orchid Atimalala Pacific and newcomer communities
Karen Clare Island Trusts
Michael Fitchett Tourism
Matt Williams Clubs
Andrew Clouston Clubs













The Water Quality and Catchments Roundtable was advised by experts including:

  • an oceanographer, marine ecologist and sedimentation scientist from NIWA (the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research) 
  • a Hauraki Gulf Marine Park scientist/researcher
  • an advisor with mātauranga Māori expertise
  • a water catchments scientist working in the dairy industry.


Technical Reports

Technical reports to the Water Quality & Catchment Roundtable are loaded below.

Document titleType
 Technical report - Trends and uses PDF [1MB]