From July-December 2014, six Roundtables gathered information and reported back to the Stakeholder Working Group (SWG)

The Infrastructure for the Economy and Communities of the Gulf Roundtable looked at the following types of infrastructure:

  • ports, harbours and associated infrastructure
  • navigation aids, marinas, berths, jetties, and boat ramps (council or public)
  • reserves, walkways, cycle ways, boardwalks and other recreational infrastructure
  • roads, electricity networks, water supply systems, wastewater systems, stormwater systems, undersea cables and other network utilities
  • lawfully approved coastal protection works.

The Infrastructure Roundtable examined infrastructure based on four key themes: recreation, economy, transport and utilities.

It aimed to identify:

  • existing public, private and network infrastructure
  • gaps in infrastructure
  • risks to infrastructure including lifeline/natural hazard risks
  • future infrastructure needs and priorities
  • options and recommendations.

This Roundtable's findings presented to the SWG can be viewed below. Please sign up for our monthly newsletters to stay in the loop.



SWG members Jake Bartrom and Matt Ball (co-chairs), Callum McCallum, Dave Kellian and Laurie Beamish were members of the Infrastructure Roundtable, along with invited participants with knowledge and expertise in areas including infrastructural development, community development, commerce, shipping, NZ Navy, sailing, commercial users, ferry and freight operators, boat builders, local and regional councils, harbourmasters, coastguard and transport planners. 

Jake Bartrom Roundtable co-chair/SWG
Matt Ball Roundtable co-chair/SWG
Callum McCallum SWG 
Dave Kellian SWG
Laurie Beamish SWG/customary uses
David Hedgley NZ Navy
Renee van de Wetering Commercial users
Jeff Hunter Ferry/freight
Tom Warren Marinas/boat industry
Peter Abrahamson Community development
Caleb Clarke Environmental Engineering



This Roundtable was also advised by experts including:

  • planners, managers and engineers from district and regional councils
  • water supply managers
  • roading advisors from the NZ Transport Agency
  • design and spatial planning advisors from Waterfront Auckland
  • an infrastructure and investments consultant.


Technical Reports

Technical reports to the Infrastructure for the Economy and Communities of the Gulf Roundtable are loaded below.

Document titleType
Technical Report 1 - Collation of Background Information PDF [1MB]
Technical Report 2 - Synthesis of Issues and Options PDF [1MB]




Advisor presentations to the Infrastructure for the Economy and Communities of the Gulf Roundtable are loaded below.

MonthDocument titleAuthorType
February 2015 Infrastructure for the Economy and Communities of the Gulf Roundtable handover Infrastructure for the Economy and Communities of the Gulf Roundtable PDF [8MB]
November 2014 Department of Conservation - Infrastructure Dale Tawa
Coromandel Conservation Services Manager
Department of Conservation
PDF [452KB]
  Wastewater Network Operation Jonathon Piggot
Operations Coordinator
Watercare Auckland
  Coastal Policy in the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan Ilze Gotelli
Watercare Auckland
PDF [164KB]
  Coromandel Harbour Project Francois Pienaar
Project Manager
Thames-Coromandel District Council
  New Zealand Transport Authority - Infrastructure Jenni Fitzgerald
Senior Planning Advisor
New Zealand Transport Authority
September 2014 Aotea/Great Barrier Island Susan Daly
Deputy Chair
Great Barrier Local Board 
Auckland Council 
August 2014 Climate Change Adaptation Science and Practice: Exploring the Challenges Blair Dickie
Principal Policy Advisor
Waikato Regional Council
  Sea Level Rise: Implications for Coastal Hazards and Infrastructure Rick Liefting
Senior Regional Hazards Advisor
Waikato Regional Council