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The ‘Hauraki 100+’ are a group of community stakeholders who have been involved with work on Sea Change – Tai Timu Tai Pari from its early days.

Many were present at Stakeholder Working Group (SWG) selection forums in 2013 and as a group they have shown on-going interest in the development of a marine spatial plan for the Hauraki Gulf.

Regular meetings are held in Auckland and Thames/Coromandel to update members on progress, to discuss key issues and obtain feedback for the SWG developing the marine spatial plan for the Gulf.

Meetings were held in June/July and in November 2014, with more planned for 2015. Membership of this group is diverse, but all members share a passion for the Gulf, its health and its future.

The Hauraki 100+ group will continue to act as a ‘sounding board’ for the SWG until the marine spatial plan is completed.