Our name and logo

When Sea Change was launched in mid-2013, the project was known as just that – Sea Change. Following mana whenua feedback, the project name was broadened to Sea Change – Tai Timu Tai Pari and a design team started an evolution of the logo. The final design – an elegant, expressive representation of partnership – was launched in early May 2014.

Paul Majurey, co-chair of the Project Steering Group and leader of mana whenua engagement, spoke to the inspiration for the new design.

“Tai Timu Tai Pari speaks to the idea of ‘ebb and flow’. There is a direct connection to water and tides, but it also speaks to the ebbs and flows of relationships. It is a concept which embraces dialogue and fluid, responsive partnership. This idea has been brought into the design of the new logo, which retains the base shape of the original, but incorporates a traditionally designed wave motif.

"The balance between the two elements illustrates how important it is that mana whenua and other users of the Gulf work together, for the benefit of the space we all share.”