Stakeholder Working Group (SWG) in action

The role of the Stakeholder Working Group – or SWG – is to take primary responsibility for developing and drafting the Sea Change – Tai Timu Tai Pari plan, by compiling and analysing evidence and working collaboratively to find innovative solutions to complex problems. 

You can follow the SWG's progress month by month through the documents and presentations posted to the SWG monthly updates page.

To ensure they are working with the best available information, the SWG draws on a range of sources – everything from scientific presentations and reports, to local knowledge gathered through Listening Posts, surveys or other means.

Between June and December 2014, information was discussed and digested in 'Roundtables', small groups focussing on a particular topic, made up of SWG members plus others invited by the SWG. Roundtables reported monthly to the full SWG meeting, allowing all SWG members an overview of their progress and their findings to be integrated into the overall plan. The SWG continued to explore the issues of the ecology, economy and mauri of the gulf.

You can view the SWG's terms of reference here and also the terms of reference for the roundtables. If you have any questions on the following information, please don't hesitate to email the SWG with your comments. Your input is valued and appreciated.